A fibroadenoma radiopaque on random chest X-Ray

Mateus da Silveira Cespedes1, Paolla Grubert Onoji2,

Renata Motta Grubert1, Silvio Charles da Silva Canale3

Importance. Breast lesions usually are not visible on radiography.

Case Report. We report the finding of a breast incidentaloma on a chest X-ray of a symptomatic patient with pneumonia. Subsequent studies have shown that it is a radiopaque fibroadenoma.

Conclusions and Relevance. The case is unique and without a similar report in the medical literature. It should raise the need for doctors to have multiple incidences and pay close attention to the minutiae of imaging tests.


1 - State University of Mato Grosso do Sul.

2 - Health Department of Curitiba.

3 - Vila Almeida Emergency Care Unit in Campo Grande. Brazil

Keywords: fibroadenoma, mammary incidentaloma, chest radiography.


Corresponding author: Mateus da Silveira Cespedes, e-mail: mateus.cespedes@



For citation: Mateus da Silveira Cespedes, Paolla Grubert Onoji, Renata Motta Grubert, Silvio Charles da Silva Canale. X-ray breast incidentaloma. A fibroadenoma radiopaque on random chest x-ray. REJR 2020; 10(2):266-269. DOI:10.21569/2222-7415-2020-10-2-266-269.


Received:       03.05.20 Accepted:     19.06.20