Dzhandzhgava N.N.1, Sugak A.B.1, Filippova E.A.1,2, Kondrashina O.S.1, Makieva M.I.1,

Zubkov V.V.1,3, Serova N.S.3


Accessory sutures and bones of the skull are rare structural abnormalities. This structural abnormality results from incomplete fusion of parietal and occipital bones ossification centers.  In case of history and manifestations of head injuries, accessory sutures and bones revealed via imaging can be erroneously interpreted as scull bones fractures.

Purpose. To show the ultrasound method and CT with 3D reconstruction capabilities in differentiation between skull fracture and accessory suture and bones.

Materials and methods. The article presents a clinical case of a newborn with a suspected skull bones fracture after surgical vacuum-assisted delivery and pathological neurological symptoms during the first day of life.

Results. Ultrasound and computed tomography with three-dimensional reconstruction of the skull made it possible identify accessory interparietal bone (Inca bone) and rule out diagnosis of skull bones fracture.

Conclusion.  It is important to remember about anomalies of skull – accessory cranial suture and bones in children with suspected birth trauma.

1 - V.I. Kulakov National medical research center for obstetrics, gynecology and perinatology.

2 - Russian Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education.

3 - I.M. Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University. Moscow, Russia.

Keywords: accessory cranial sutures, accessory interparietal bone, computed tomography of the skull with three-dimensional reconstruction, ultrasound diagnostics, newborn.

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For citation: Dzhandzhgava N.N., Sugak A.B., Filippova E.A., Kondrashina O.S., Makieva M.I., Zubkov V.V., Serova N.S. Diagnosis of accessory intraparietal bone in a newborn. REJR 2022; 12(3):128-133. DOI: 10.21569/2222-7415-2022-12-3-128-133.

Received:        09.09.22 Accepted:       16.09.22