Savin S.Z.1, Kosyh N.Je.1, Potapova T.P.2, Eremenko A.V.2

1-Computer Center of Fareastern Branch of Russian Academy Sciences, Federal agency of scientific organizations of Russian Federations

2-Regional Clinical Oncology Center. Khabarovsk, Russia.

Purpose. To provide a methodology for selection the most important parameters of texture and histogram analysis for parametric descriptions of hearths hyperfixation (HHF) radiopharmaceutical (RPP) on osteostscintigram.

Materials and methods. From osteoscintigrams of 169 patients with breast cancer and skeleton metastases by automatic segmentation allocated 1,000 HHF RPP for front and rear projection. Dedicated HHF scoring subjected to expert estimates the probability of a metastatic nature and number of the calculation histogram and texture parameters. The analysis of time series changes in the mean of these parameters depending on the number of points determined by an expert. Evaluation of reliability of the trend carried out by determining the ratio of approximation (R2).

Results. It is shown that the values of the approximation can be used when analyzing the time series to be divided into classes, in which changes in the studied index to a certain extent depend on the peer review of the HHF, and those in which there is no such dependence. A similar analysis of the size of HHF RPP, their shape, structure, contrast borders and skeletal deformities and asymmetry defeat make the basis for the expert analysis of conformity assessment focuses on the osteoscintigramms to bone metastases.

System of grade expert scoring of conformity of the FMG bone metastases, provides an analysis of the lesions, their shape, texture, contrast, borders and deformation of the skeleton and the asymmetry of the lesion. It is shown that between this grade expert assessment and a number of histogram and texture parameters of these focuses are closely related. This method contributes to the definition of a set numeric parameter for the differential diagnosis of metastatic focuses on non-metastatic osteoscintigraphy as part of an automated analysis of scintigramms.

Conclusions. The proposed system of grade scoring is the most effective for HHF, located in the area of the pelvis (front projection) and spine (rear projection), f is the least effective in the long bones of the HHF. The most effective in detecting metastatic skeletal scintigramms at HHF turned out to be textural contrast ratio and bar graphs brightness and smoothness.

Keywords: computer aided diagnostic (CAD), radiopharmaceutical preparation (RPP), hearths hyperfixation (HHF), scintigraphy, breast cancer, ball score.


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For citation: Savin S.Z., Kosyh N.Je., Potapova T.P., Eremenko A.V. The problems of

expert grade analysis of metastases on scintigramms of skeleton in combination with histogram and texture analysis. REJR. 2016; 6 (3):80-87. DOI:10.21569/2222-7415-2016-6-3-80-87.


Received: 28.07.2016 Accepted: 11.08.2016