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Volume 10 №2 2020

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tern1 Dear Colleagues!

You have received the second issue of our magazine in 2020. As we know, this year is quite unusual. The COVID-19 pandemic has reduced its activity, but the morbidity rate is not decreasing. Multidisciplinary hospitals are restoring their regular medical activities, but there are a lot of institutions that is still working as infectious diseases hospitals. Radiologists have learned a lot about diagnostics of COVIDassociated lung lesions – CT has become a leading method of early diagnosis and follow-up of the patient’s condition during the treatment. Therefore, we continue to publish materials on this topic. I am sure that these materials will be interesting and useful for our colleagues.

Chief editor, Professor, MD Ternovoy S.K.

In this issue (Volume 10 №2 2020) of our paper:



Radiological guidelines in patients with COVID-19 (Sechenov University experience)
Fomin V.V., Ternovoy S.K., Serova N.S.

Computer tomography in assessing and monitoring the degree of lung ingury due to COVID-19
Petrikov S.S., Popova I.E., Muslimov R.Sh., Popugaev K.A., Kislukhina E.V., Kokov L.S

CT findings of coronavirus disease: results by experience of the COVIDcenter in the national medical research сenter of cardiology
Dmitry Ustyuzhanin, Mikhail Belkind, Svetlana Gaman, Merab Shariya, Sergey Ternovoy.

Dynamics of MSCTpatterns of lung damage in severe viral COVID19-pneumonia on the background of intensive therapy
Gaman S.A., Belkind M.B., Sivakova O.A., Demchenkova A.C., Stukalova O.V., Ustyuzhanin D.V., Shariya M.A., Ezhov M.V., Ternovoy S.K


MSCT in staging of the cholesteatoma in patients with сhronic otitis media
Abdullaeva U.B., Khodjibekov M.Kh.

Venous blood flow changes in age-related cerebral small vessel disease as assessed by MRI
Krotenkova M.V., Kremneva E.I., Akhmetzyanov B.M., Dobrynina L.A.

Noninvasive assessment of fractional flow reserve according to coronary computed tomography angiography using hydrodynamic calculations
Ternovoy S.K., Veselova T.N., Borisenko V.V., Blagosklonova E.R., Gavrilov A.V., Dolotova D.D., Chepovskiy A.M., Seroiva N.S.

CTangiography of the lower extremities and ct-perfusion of the feet in the diagnosis, planning and tracking of the result of revascularization in a patient with diabetic foot syndrome
Eroshkin A.I., Kondrashin S.A., Ternovoy S.K., Vasilyev D.U

Diagnostic effectiveness of radiology methods in the diagnosis of pneumoconiosis
Kovaleva A.S., Serova N.S., Bukhtiyarov I.V

Do we need biopsy for all palpable breast masses with birads 4 assessment score? A tertiary cancer center experience
Mohapatra S.K., Nayak R.B.

CT predictors of postoperative specific complications in pancreatic resections
Galchina Yu.S., Kondratyev E.V., Karmazanovsky G.G., Gorin D.S., Galkin G.V., Kriger A.G

Checklist efficiency in whole body СT image analysis
Dushin D.Yu., Burenchev D.V., Ternovoy S.K., Guseva E.B.

Ultrasonic shear wave elastography in the assessment of bone callus stiffness
Kormilina A.R., Tukhbatullin M.G

Possibilities of functional multispiral computed tomography of the knee joint in the diagnosis of patellophemoral articulation pathology
Ternovoy S.K., Serova N.S., Bakhvalova A.V., Lychagin A.V., Lipina M.M

МПMpMRI in planning nerve-sparing RARP in patients with localized prostate cancer of low and intermediate risk of progression. Pilot research
Rezvykh I.A., Rapoport L.M., Belysheva E.S., Chybarov A.A., Paramonova N.I.,
Shelokova E.E., Strakhov Y.S., Shariya M.A., Vorobyev A.A., Fokin I.V., Chuvalov L.L., Enikeev M.E.

Comparative analysis of diffusion-weighted and dynamic contrast-enhanced magnetic resonance imaging in differentiation of muscle invasive and non-invasive bladder cancer
Bobylev D.A., Chekhonatskaya M.L., Rossolovsky A.N., Kryuchkov I.A., Kondratyeva O.A.
Nikolenko V.N., Zakharova N.B., Ponukalin A.N., Chekhonatsky I.A., Chairkin I.N

Contrast enhanced ultrasound (ceus) of pelvis venous anastomosis
Tukhbatullin М.G., Fomina E.E.

Errors in ultrasound diagnosis of gynecologic cancer: analysis of causes
Vostrov A.N., Stepanov S.O., Mitina L.A., Novikova E.G., Malsagova Kh.R., Kaprin A.D.

Postmortem MRI evaluation of the time of intrauterine fetal death
Tumanova U.N., Bychenko V.G., Borovikov P. I., Shchegolev A.I.


Quantitative fetal MRI assessment of prenatal myelination. Systematic review
Isaeva I., Korostyshevskaya A., Savelov A., Yarnykh V.

Ultrasound diagnostics of carotid arteries pathologies
Pomortsev A.V., Shevelev V.I., Baghdasaryan K.A.

Mammographic density and risk of breast cancer (a look at the history of studying the issue)
Labazanova P. G., Rozhkova N. I., Burdina I. I., Zapirova S. B., Mazo M. L., Mikushin S. Yu.,
Prokopenko S. P., Jacobs O. E.


Computed tomography in concomitant gunshot injury of facial skeleton
Pavlova O.Yu., Serova N.S., Skobeleva Yu.O., Tereshchuk S.V., Shamanaeva L.S.

MSCT diagnosis of recurrent osteosarcoma of the lower jaw after surgical treatment
Babkova A.A., Serova N.S., Pshenichnikova E.S.

Spontaneous dissection of the internal carotid artery: combined use of ultrasound and СТ angiography
Grigoreva E.V., Nosova A.G., Dalibaldyan V.A., Krylov V.V.

Asymptomatic spontaneous vertebral artery dissection in the presence of osteophytes in the transverse foramen of the cervical vertebrae.
Rostovtseva T.M., Golovin D.A., Lelyuk V.G. A

X-ray breast incidentaloma. A fibroadenoma radiopaque on random chest x-ray
Mateus da Silveira Cespedes, Paolla Grubert Onoji, Renata Motta Grubert,
Silvio Charles da Silva Canale.

Atypical manifestations of acute myeloblastic leukemia - difficulties in diagnostics
Frolova I.G., Vesnina V.O., Velichko S.A., Popova M.V., Sapunova L.S.,
Bogoutdinova A.V., Bondar L.N., Isaeva A.V., Perelmuter V.M

The role of computed tomography in the annular pancreas diagnosis
Shchekoturov I.O., Bakhtiozin R.F., Istranov A.L., Semenkov A.V., Kornev D.O.

Malignant mucinous appendix tumor: difficulties in early diagnosis and treatment
Leontev A.V., Danilov M.A., Abdulatipova Z.M., Ten D.A., Morozov V.A., Evseeva E.V

Lipohaemoarthrosis of the lateral posterior femoral recess
Kho J., Perry A., Beale D., James S.L., Botchu R.

A case report of imaging diagnostics of calf muscles hernia
Goher Abdelalim, Milyushina Ya.A.


In memory of Vladimir Rogozhin


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