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Letter From the Editor

Терновой Сергей Константинович

Dear  Colleagues !


It is now the second half of 2021. You have already seen three issues of the Russian Electronic Journal of Radiology (Volume 11, №1, №2 and №3, 2021).

The pandemic of the COVID-19 infection caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus has somewhat stabilized in the world and in Russia. However, the tense situation still persists. We continue the section for articles devoted to the radiology of COVID-associated lung diseases. There are scientific materials covering complex issues of the visualization methods application of target organs. For example, there were articles on the use of MR tomography for the diagnosis of neurological disorders in people during and after a new COVID-19 infection. Since the beginning of the pandemic, increased attention has been paid to neurological manifestations and complications associated with COVID-19.

In this regard, we keep the heading "COVID-19: what a radiologist needs to know" because we believe that such materials are in demand and will benefit doctors who monitor patients after recovery and discharge from the hospital.

Of course, we continue to publish lectures, scientific reviews, original articles and case reports.

As I wrote in my last appeal, the number of rejected articles sent for revision has significantly increased. We are particularly surprised when, after a lot of work on familiarization, discussion of the received reviews and correspondence with the authors at the editorial board, we find out that the authors saw these shortcomings before sending them, but sent the article to the journal. I kindly ask the authors to adhere to the rules established by the journal for the preparation and submission of articles ( This will reduce the burden on the journal's employees and reduce the queue for publication, which now reaches 6-12 months.

Working on the issues of the Russian Electronic Journal of Radiology, we are waiting for feedback, questions and suggestions from our readers.


I wish you all good health and great professional success for the benefit of our patients!!


Editor in Chief

Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences

S. K. Ternovoy


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