Diagnostic value of three-dimensional reconstructions of CT images in patients with ductal pancreas adenocarcinoma

Karmazanovsky G.G., Nerestyuk Ya.I., Kriger A.G., Khayrieva A.V.

Purpose. To evaluate the diagnostic significance of three-dimensional reconstructions of the computed tomographic (CT) images in ductal adenocarcinoma of the pancreas.
A.V. Vishnevsky Institute of Surgery.
Moscow, Russia.










Materials and methods. Thirty patients with hystologically approved pancreatic ad-enocarcinomas were retrospectively examined. Half patients underwent TP (total pancreatectomy) (group 1), the other half underwent pancreatoduodenectomy (group 2). All patients underwent 256-MDCT scan examination (Brilliance iCT, Phillips) with standard volume of contrast media, post-processing was performed on Brilliance Workspace Portal. In all cases we created 3d-models and calculated volumes of pancreas, tumor, arteries and veins with the assessment at VR (color), MIP, SSD. Localization of ductal adenocarcinoma was evaluated by two radiologists. To evaluate the significance of three-dimensional and two-dimensional reconstruction of CT images according to a rating scale. Results. The sensitivity, specificity and accuracy in localization determining of ade-nocarcinoma of the pancreas in group 1 for three-dimensional models has increased to 94%, 50%, 80% respectively. In accordance with the point scale informative three-dimensional reconstructions in visualization of the tumor and determine the localization was higher. The data on invasion of the vascular wall were well represented in equal measure for three-dimensional and two-dimensional postprocessing. Conclusion. Post-processing of CT images with reconstruction of three-dimensional models of the pancreas improves preoperative assessment of resectability, enables the pre-cise localization of the tumor. Improved three-dimensional modeling software must be sent in the direction of automatization for introduction in daily clinical practice.


Keywords: MDCT, postprosessing technique, 3D rendering of pancreas, ductal adenocarcinoma, localization of tumors.


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For citation: Karmazanovsky G.G., Nerestyuk Ya.I., Kriger A.G., Khayrieva A.V. Diagnostic value of three-dimensional reconstructions of ct images in patients with ductal pancreas adenocarcinomarejr. 2017; 7 (1):-. DOI:10.21569/2222-7415-2016-6-2-91-96.

Received: 23.12.2016 Accepted: 17.01.2017