Trachea multiple diverticula in patient with tracheobronchomegaly. Rare clinical case

Koroleva I. M., Mishchenko M. A.

Purpose. Demonstration of a rare case of trachea pathology using various research methods: modern radiological methods and instrumental methods of diagnosis. Results. Functional CT and MRI methods allowed reveal tracheal wall pathological changes in a patient with trachea diverticula and tracheobronchomegaly, to determine indications and contraindications to surgical interventions. According to the rarity of the tracheal diverticula detection in combination with tracheo-bronchomegaly, radiologists, thoracic surgeons and pulmonologists need to know the pathomorphology of the disease, the clinical manifestations of this condition which are non-specific and may mask other respiratory processes. Of course, we cannot exclude these states from the differential diagnosis in patients with frequent inflammatory diseases of broncho-pulmonary system. Conclusion. Comprehensive diagnosis of pathological changes of the trachea and trachral walls in this category of patients, helps to solve question of surgical intervention or conservative treatment. This greatly reduces the number of unjustified surgical interven-tions, eliminates the risk of postoperative complications and improves the quality of patient’s life.
I.M. Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University. Moscow, Russia.







Keywords:tracheal abnormalities, tracheal diverticula, tracheobronchomegaly , CT, MRI.


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For citation:Koroleva I. M., Mishchenko M. A. Trachea multiple diverticula in patient with tracheobronchomegaly. rare clinical case. REJR 2018; 8(1):221-228. DOI:10.21569/2222-7415-2018-8-1-221-228.

Received: 10.12.2017 Accepted: 02.03.2018