Drozdov A.A. 1, Cheremisin V.M. 1,2, Kamishanskaya I.G.1,2, Yakovlev A.A.1,4, Musatov V. B.1,4, Fedunyak I. P.3,4, Artem’eva M.N.4


Purpose. To present and describe the rare case of neurotuberculosis. Materials and methods. Literature review and a case report from personal clinical experi-ence are presented. The workup included magnetic resonance imaging by 1.5 T scanner, la-boratory data, microbiological, X-ray and postmortem autopsy studies. Results. The magnetic resonance imaging capabilities in the differential diagnosis for this clinical case of the patient with tuberculosis and AIDS are presented. The final diagno-sis was verified by postmortem histological study. Conclusion. Tuberculosis is an infectious disease with a wide variety of presenta-tions. Magnetic resonance imaging allows to clarify the type of brain lesions and sometimes to identify the exact etiology of the process, to assess the dynamics of the process and to modify the treatment.

1 - St. Petersburg State University. 2 - St. Petersburg Mariinsky Hospital. 3 - I. I. Mechnikov North-Western State Med-ical University. 4 - S. P. Botkin Clinical Infectious Disease Hospi-tal. St. Petersburg, Russia


Keywords: neurotuberculosis, tuberculoma, AIDS, MRI, neuroradiology.



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For citation: Drozdov A.A. , Cheremisin V.M., Kamishanskaya I.G., Yakovlev A.A., Musa-tov V. B., Fedunyak I. P., Artem’eva M.N. Rare form of neurotuberculosis in a patient with aids. REJR 2018; 8(2):226-233. DOI:10.21569/2222-7415-2018-8-2-226-233.

Received: 21.03.2018 Accepted: 06.05.2018