Classification of inner ear malformation

Daikhes N.A.1,2, Diab Kh.M.1, 2, Korvyakov V.S.1, Kondratchikov D.S.1, Pashchinina O.A.1, Korobkin A.S.1, Kuyan Yu.S.1, Panina O.S.1, Mikhalevich A.E.1, Yusifov K.D.1, Shamshutdinov T.M. 1

Purpose. Every fifth case of congenital sensorineural hearing loss is a consequence of an ab-normality in the development of the bone labyrinth of inner ear. This group of malformations detected mainly by CT and MRI studies presents difficulties both in diagnosis and in choosing appropriate method of treatment to achieve better auditory results. Over the past few years a significant number of clinical cases all over the world have been accumulated, requiring modification of surgical approach depending on the features of the anatomical structure of the bony cochlea and the vestibule. This resulting in the need to creation of the universally accepted classification of anomalies of the development of the bony labyrinth and a more de-tailed approach to each type of given nosology. In article presented review of the existing literature of malformations of the inner ear and features of cochlear implantation in these pa-tients including on the basis of own experience.
1 - Federal State Budgetary Institution «Otorhinolaryngology Clinical Research Center» of the Federal Medico-Biological Agency. Moscow, Russia.
2 - N.I. Pirogov Russian National Research Medical University. Faculty of Postgraduate education. Department of Otolaryngology. Moscow, Russia.

Keywords: inner ear malformation, classification, cochlear implantation.


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For citation: For citation: Daikhes N.A., Diab Kh.M., Korvyakov V.S., Kondratchikov D.S., Pashchinina O.A., Korobkin A.S., Kuyan Yu.S., Panina O.S., Mikhalevich A.E., Yusifov K.D., Shamshutdinov T.M. Classification of inner ear malformation. REJR 2018; 8 (3):8-19. DOI:10.21569/2222-7415-2018-8-3-8-19.

Received: 02.07.18 Accepted: 16.07.18