PET/CT in moscow’s healthcare: equipment, usage, availability

PET/CT in moscow’s healthcare: equipment, usage, availability

Morozov S.P., Smolyarchuk M.Ya., Vladzymyrskyy A.V.

Purpose. To describe the state and availability of PET/CT studies in Moscow within the frame-work of the compulsory health insurance (CHI) system. Materials and methods. We analyzed key performance indicators of PET/CT in statutory health insurance program among various medical organizations in Moscow (Russia) from 2016 to 2017. Comparative analysis with the following indicators was performed: equipment availability, number of studies per year and annual growth rate (per 1 million). Results. In 2017, PET/CT studies within the framework of the state-guaranteed terri-torial-based free medical assistance program for citizens of Moscow were carried out on 8 units in 8 medical organizations. 18773 PET/CT examinations (within the statutory health insurance program framework of Moscow) were carried out in 2017 and only 7786 — in 2016. A significant part of the quotas (about 90%) were implemented by private sector institutions. 70 medical institutions referred patients to PET/CT, 59.6% of the studies were issued in 10 institutions. Discussion. Equipment availability was 1.55 per 1 million (which corresponds to the European countries). There were 660 PET/CT studies annually per 1 million; European-level of 800–1000 studies will be achieved in 1.5–2 years. The annual increase was 241%. At the same time, European countries are characterized by an annual increase of about 14%. Over-all, the number of realized quotas in 2017 exceeded the previous year by 221%. Unified Coor-dination Center (UCC) was established to ensure high availability and optimal utilization of the equipment. Conclusions. Equipment availability of PET/CT in Moscow (operating in the CHI sys-tem) corresponds to the European countries value. UCC reduced waiting time to the world-wide average (by 85.8%, from 31 days in 2016 to 4.4 days in the second half of 2017). Partici-pation of private medical organizations in the statutory health insurance program allows to increase the PET/CT availability without additional state funding.
Moscow State Budgetary Healthcare Institution “Scientific and Practical Center for Medi-cal radiology Department health Moscow." Moscow, Russia.


Keywords: PET/CT, healthcare of Moscow, radiology, compulsory health insurance (CHI) system.


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For citation: For citation: Morozov S.P., Smolyarchuk M.Ya., Vladzymyrskyy A.V. PET/CT in MOS-COW’S healthcare: equipment, usage, availability. REJR 2018; 8 (3):318-324. DOI:10.21569/2222-7415-2018-8-3-318-324.