Pancreatography (virsungography) as a method of diagnostics of pancreas ductal system ar-chitecture variants.

Barykov V.N., Istomin A.G., Dimov P.G., Barykov А.V. .

Рurpose. Shape and patency determination of pancreas ductal system. Materials and methods. X-ray examination (antegrade pancreatography) of 30 pancre-atoduodenal complexes. Results. Special findings: the true in vivo Wirsung duct terminal division narrowing – in 4 drugs, stones in the duct lumen – in 4 drugs, loop-like duct course – in 2 drugs, and atypical eight-shaped duct course in the pancreas head – in 1 drug. The applied value of the study includes the planning of pancreas operations, in par-ticular, in its distal resections. In normal ductal system it is simply possible to suture the stump, in case of the obstruction (stones or terminal portion stenosis) it is advisable to form panreatojunoanastomosis to avoid the pancreatic juice outflow into the abdominal cavity through the gland section. Conclusion. Taking into account the variability of the pancreas ductal system it is impossible to check its permeability by rigid plastic and moreoverby metal probes.

1 – Chelyabinsk State Medical Academy of Federal Agency of Health Care and Social Development. Department of hospital surgery. 2 –Chelyabinsk regional clinical hospital. 3 – Regional clinical hospital №3. 4 – Мunicipal clinical hospital №8. Chelyabinsk, Russia.



Keywords: pancreatography, pancreas ductal system.


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For citation:Barykov V.N., Istomin A.G., Dimov P.G., Barykov А.V. Pancreatography (virsungography) as a method of diagnostics of pancreas ductal system architecture variants. REJR 2018; 8(4):118-123. DOI:10.21569/2222-7415-2018-8-4-118-123.

Received: 25.10.18 Accepted: 23.11.18