Radiology in prognosis of spine scoliosis in pregnant women

Skryabin E.G., Belykh V.O., Shevlyukova T.P.

Рurpose. To promote a comfortable pregnancy period in women suffering from scoliotic spinal disease using an objective determination of the nature and severity of the vertebrogenic pathology with the help of the available results of radiodiagnosis and to develop non-medicamental treatment tactics aimed at reversing vertebrogenic and pelvic pain (using current data). Materials and methods. Orthopedic examination of 215 pregnant women suffering from scoliosis of the spine I-IV severity. The average age of women was 25.6 years. To diagno-sis the vertebrogenic pathology we used traditional orthopedic methods of examination. We analyzed x-ray and CT images of scoliosis before pregnancy. Results and discussion. 176 (81.86%) women (out of 215 pregnant women) provided X-rays and tomograms of the spine for their evaluation and interpretation. The main purpose of the analysis of the spinal radiographs was to find an objective degree of severity of the main and compensatory arcs of scoliosis, as well as determine the degree of vertebral torsion. The findings helped to accurately determine the severity of scoliosis of the spine in each pregnant woman, which subsequently allowed each specific case to be assigned to a particu-lar group that characterizes the severity of scoliosis. In addition, the analysis of radiographs and tomograms of the spine facilitated the analysis of dysplasia accompanying scoliosis and anomalies of the development of the vertebral-motion segments. The reliable determination of the degree of deformations severity based on the radiographs and the presence of develop-ment anomalies in pregnant women allowed to objectively expose the risks of possible meth-ods of anesthesia. Conclusion. The X-rays and tomography of the spine for pregnant women suffering from scoliosis are absolutely contraindicated, the results of previous diagnosis make a great diagnostic value.

1 - Tyumen State Medical University 2 - Regional Clinical Hospital №2, Tyumen, Russia






Keywords:pregnant women; scoliosis; radiology; pregnant women.

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For citation:Skryabin E.G., Belykh V.O., Shevlyukova T.P. Radiology in prognosis of spine scoliosis in preg-nant women. REJR 2018; 8 (4):155-164. DOI:10.21569/2222-7415-2018-8-4-155-164.

Received: 05.10.18 Accepted: 20.10.18