Chronic constrictive pericarditis

Belkind M.B., Ustyuzganin D.V., Shariya M.A., Ternovoy S.K.

Purpose. Demonstration and description of the rarely cardiac abnormal - chronic constrictive pericarditis.

Materials and methods. The patient, 59 year old was admitted to the clinic with dyspnea and palpitation. Restrictive cardiac diseases was suspected.

Results. MSCT, cardiac sonography and MRI were performed. Diagnosis of chronic constrictive pericarditis confirmed.

In most cases, pericarditis is a complication of other diseases with involvement of the pericardium in the inflammation. Most often, constrictive pericarditis is the outcome of bacterial, tuberculosis, radiation pericarditis, complication of heart surgery, or consequence of chest injury. A feature of inflammation in constrictive pericarditis is the intense calcium deposition in the pericardium, leads to compression of the myocardium, impaired contractile function, decreased cardiac output and the development of heart failure.

Conclusion. Imaging methods (ECHO-KG, MSCT and MRI) are fundamental in verifying the diagnosis. The radical treatment is pericardiectomy.

1 – Cardiology Research Centre.

Moscow, Russia.

2 – Sechenov University. Moscow, Russia.



Keywords: constrictive pericarditis, heart failure, MSCT, MRI.


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For citation: Belkind M.B., Ustyuzganin D.V., Shariya M.A., Ternovoy S.K. Chronic constrictive pericarditis. REJR 2019; 9(4):185-190. DOI:10.21569/2222-7415-2019-9-4-185-190.


Received:        09.08.19 Accepted:       14.10.19