Benign tumors of the jaws and their x-ray manifestations

Arzhantsev A.P.

X-ray characteristics of odontogenic and nonodontogenic benign tumors of the jaws which make up 96-99% of the total number of tumors of this localization are presented. The data on the incidence of tumors and their morphological features are presented.

Benign tumors, including those that have reached large sizes, can be an x-ray finding in the study of patients for the treatment of teeth. Orthopantomography in most cases becomes a method of primary detection of tumors of the jaws. In the presence of significant tumor lesions, especially the upper jaw and overlying parts of the bones of the face, the use of computed tomography is more appropriate than common x-ray techniques.

Most benign tumors of the jaws have a similar x-ray pattern between themselves and with cysts of the jaws. Therefore, an objective differential diagnosis based on x-ray data is not possible without the use of pathomorphological examination.

Central Research Institute of  Dentistry and Oral Surgery.

Moscow, Russia.


Keywords: odontogenic, nonodontogenic, tumors, jaws, x-ray picture, differential diagnosis, orthopantomography, computed tomography.


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For citation: Arzhantsev A.P. Benign tumors of the jaws and their x-ray manifestations. REJR 2020; 10(1):27-42. DOI:10.21569/2222-7415-2020-10-1-27-42.


Received:       25.01.20 Accepted:     23.02.20