Komissarov M.I., Komissarov I.A., Aleshin I.U.

Аssessment of the possibilities and technical features of endovascular methods in children with foreign bodies of the cardiovascular system.

Materials and methods. We observed 9 children aged 1 month to 12 years with post catheterization foreign bodies of the cardiovascular system. Vascular catheterization was performed to ensure long-term vascular venous access. All patients underwent chest x-ray and x-ray of the area of previously implanted catheter before the endovascular intervention. In two cases, radiography was uninformative due to the presence of a non - radiopaque foreign body. In one child, a non - radiopaque foreign body was diagnosed in the pulmonary artery by echocardiography. In 3 cases, the foreign body was in the heart cavity, 2 - in the main pulmonary artery, 2 - in the subclavian vein, 2 - in the ilio-femoral venous segment.

Results. Foreign bodies were removed from 7 children using endovascular retrievers. In two, with a non-functioning catheter and deformed wire coaxial catheter technique and microvascular instruments were used for removal. In 2 patients, defragmented catheters were found to be non-radiopaque, they were removed by the “searching” method. There were no complications or deaths.

Conclusion. Use of endovascular methods for diagnostics and treatment of foreign bodies of the cardiovascular system is safe and effective and uncontested in children of all ages. In some cases, endovascular methods give an opportunity to remove non-radiopaque artifacts.


St. Petersburg State Pediatric Medical

University of the Ministry of Healthcare of the

Russian Federation, Saint Petersburg


Keywords: endovascular, pediatric, foreign bodies, cardiovascular, central venous line, complications, retained, endovascular retrieve, snare loop, non-radiopaque foreign body.


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For citation: Komissarov M.I., Komissarov I.A., Aleshin I.U. Endovascular diagnostics and retriveal of postcatheteric foreign bodies of cardiovascular system in children. REJR 2020; 10(4):131-138. DOI:10.21569/2222-7415-2020-10-4-131-138.


Received:       09.08.20 Accepted:     22.09.20