Timofeeva L.A.1,2, Aleksandrov YU.K.3,

Aleshina T.N.1, Yusova M.A.1


Purpose. The clinical cases of subacute thyroiditis that occurred in patients with COVID-19 demonstrate the difficulties of interpreting clinical and laboratory signs. The importance of multiparametric ultrasound examination in the diagnosis of this pathology is shown.

Materials and methods. Two cases of subacute thyroiditis caused by a coronavirus infection are presented. We studied the medical histories and examination data of patients. The clinic of de Quervain's subacute thyroiditis was atypical, since it was leveled by multiple organ changes and clinical manifestations of COVID-19. The results of clinical examination, results of ultrasound examination of the thyroid, sonoelastography, multispiral computed tomography of lungs and laboratory tests were studied.

Conclusion. Subacute thyroiditis is one of the variants of manifestation and complication of coronavirus infection. The clinical picture of subacute thyroiditis associated with COVID-19 may have an atypical course due to simultaneous lesions of many organs and systems. The disease may have a blurred picture due to the use of drugs used in the treatment of coronavirus infection. The main method of diagnosis of subacute thyroiditis associated with COVID-19 is ultrasound, which allows to establish structural changes in the thyroid gland, reflecting the nature and localization of the inflammatory process. The severity of changes in the thyroid gland in COVID-associated de Quervain thyroiditis does not correlate with clinical and laboratory data.


1 - I. N. Ulianov Chuvash State University. Cheboksary, Russia.

2 - Republican clinical oncological dispensary. Cheboksary, Russia.

3 - Yaroslavl State Medical University. Yaroslavl, Russia.


Keywords: thyroid gland, subacute thyroiditis, ultrasound examination, sonoelastography.


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For citation: Timofeeva L.A., Aleksandrov YU.K., Aleshina T.N., Yusova M.A. Subacute thyroiditis associated with COVID-19. REJR 2021; 11(3):15-24. DOI: 10.21569/2222-7415-2021-11-3-15-24.

Received:        23.08.21 Accepted:       09.09.21