Volodina V.D.1, Babkova A.A.1, Serova N.S.1, Reshetov I.V.1,2

Purpose. To present a case report of X-ray diagnostics of various lung diseases such as tuberculosis, cryptogenic pneumonia, peripheric cancer and bronchiolitits in a patient with facial osteonecrosis due to HIV-infection and drug addiction.

Materials and methods. Here in, we present a case report of combined lung lesion in a patient N., 47 years old, who has served a prison sentence, suffering from drug addiction (heroin and desomorphine), with extensive osteonecrosis of the lower jaw, who was admitted for consultation and further examination at the UKB No. 1 of the First Sechenov Moscow State Medical University in October 2021.

Results and discussion. At initial diagnosis, a feature of X-ray picture according to the MSCT of chest organs in patient N. was a combination of several lung diseases associated with HIV infection, such as pulmonary tuberculosis, cryptogenic pneumonia, peripheric cancer and bronchiolitits. X-ray signs of osteonecrotic changes in the lower jaw associated with the use of desomorphine were noted during CT of the facial skeleton in this patient.

Conclusion. Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) and drug addiction remain important health and social problems in many countries and regions. This combination in a patient with immunodeficiency and opportunistic infections, as a rule, increases the risk of developing HIV-associated pathology, including severe lung diseases. Thus, timely and highly informative diagnosis of these diseases, with the use of modern and high-tech methods of X-ray diagnostics, such as MSCT, remains an urgent issue.

1 - I.M. Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University (Sechenov University). Moscow, Russia.

2 - Academy of Postgraduate Education of the Federal Medical and Biological Agency of Russia, Moscow, Russia.


Keywords: HIV, HIV-associated lung diseases, desomorphine, heroin, osteonecrosis, MSCT, pneumonia, tuberculosis, lung cancer, bronchiolitits.


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For citation: Volodina V.D., Babkova A.A., Serova N.S., Reshetov I.V. Combined lung lesion in a patient with immunodeficiency due to HIV-infection and drug addiction. REJR 2021; 11(4):150-157. DOI: 10.21569/2222-7415-2021-11-4-150-157.

Received:        04.08.21 Accepted:       02.12.21