Volodina V.D.1, Serova N.S.1, Reshetov I.V.1,2, Babkova A.A.1


1 - I.M. Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University (Sechenov University).

2 - Academy of postgraduate education of FMBA of Russia. Moscow, Russia.


Purpose. To evaluate the efficacy of neoadjuvant chemotherapy in the treatment of oral and oropha-ryngeal cancer using multispiral computed tomography (MSCT).

Materials and methods. We report a consecutive series of 24 patients with verified oral and oropha-ryngeal cancer, that were treated in antitumor department of the Levshin L.L. claster oncology insti-tute of Sechenov University in the period from 2021 till 2022. All patients underwent multispiral com-puted tomography (MSCT) before and after chemotherapy.

Results. One of the stages of complex treatment for oropharyngeal cancer is neoadjuvant chemotherapy (HCT). When evaluating the effectiveness of chemotherapy in a group of patients who received 2-3 courses of HCT, the correlation of MSCT data and pathomorphological studies of the oro-pharyngeal region was 75%. The high diagnostic accuracy of MSCT in assessing the complete tumor response to neoadjuvant chemotherapeutic treatment, as well as in identifying residual tumor tissue, allowed to increase the effectiveness of the treatment.

Discussion. MSCT made it possible to assess the response of the tumor to the treatment in all 24 (100%) cases. The effectiveness of neoadjuvant chemotherapy was higher in the group of patients with oral and oropharyngeal cancer associated with human papillomavirus (HPV). Patients with HPV-negative oropharyngeal cancer need to optimize the treatment algorithm, possibly using more aggres-sive methods of conservative and surgical treatment.

Conclusion. Efficacy of chemotherapy in a group of patients who underwent 2-3 courses of neo-adjuvant chemotherapy using MSCT of oropharyngeal region was higher in a group of patients with oral and oropharyngeal cancer associated with human papillo mavirus (HPV).


Keywords: neoadjuvant chemotherapy, oropharyngeal region, squamous cell carcinoma of oral cavity and oropharynx, multispiral computed tomography, MSCT, HPV-associated cancer.



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For citation: Volodina V.D., Serova N.S., Reshetov I.V., Babkova A.A. Multispiral computed tomogra-phy in assessment of neoadjuvant chemotherapy of malignant oral and oropharyngeal tumors. REJR 2023; 13(1):30-37. DOI: 10.21569/2222-7415-2023-13-1-30-37.


Received: 07.02.23

Accepted: 22.02.23