Dzhandzhgava N.N.1, Sugak A.B.1, Filippova E.A.1, Narogan M.V.1,2, Kugushev A.Yu.1,3,

Ushakova L.V.1, Kondrashina O.S.1, Serova N.S.2


1 - V.I. Kulakov National medical research center for obstetrics, gynecology and perinatology

2 - I.M. Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University (Sechenov University)

3 - N.I. Pirogov Russian Children’s Clinical Hospital of Russian National Research Medical University. Moscow, Russia.



Сraniosynostosis is premature closure of the skull sutures, requiring timely surgical treatment. Pa-tients under one year old with abnormal head shape require visualization of cranial sutures condition to differentiate craniosynostosis from non-synostotic skull deformities.

Purpose. To show the ultrasound method capabilities in the diagnosis of the skull sutures con-dition in children of the first year of life.

Materials and methods. A clinical case of a child with craniosynostosis is presented. The pa-tient underwent ultrasound examination of the skull sutures and computed tomography of the skull with three-dimensional reconstruction.

Results. A deformity of the skull was found in the boy in the early neonatal period. At the age of 13 days, ultrasound examination of skull sutures revealed a synostosis of the sagittal suture. A maxil-lofacial surgeon recommended a planned surgical correction. At the age of 5 months (before surgery), the child underwent computed tomography of the skull with three-dimensional reconstruction, at 6 months – reconstructive surgery to eliminate sagittal synostosis and scaphocephaly with favorable outcome.

Discussion. Until recently, X-ray methods were the main and only ones in assessing the condi-tion of the cranial sutures. Ultrasound is an alternative method for assessing sutures in infants.

Conclusion. Cranial ultrasound as the first step imaging in children with skull deformation al-lows timely diagnosis of craniosynostosis and minimizing the radiation load on the patient.


Keywords: craniosynostosis, ultrasound, computed tomography, children.



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For citation: Dzhandzhgava N.N., Sugak A.B., Filippova E.A., Narogan M.V., Kugushev A.Yu., Ush-akova L.V., Kondrashina O.S., Serova N.S. Early detection of craniosynostosis in a newborn. REJR 2023; 13(1):96-102. DOI: 10.21569/2222-7415-2023-13-1-96-102.


Received: 20.01.23

Accepted: 07.03.23