Alizada E.E.1,2, Bryuhanov V.A.1, Diab Kh.M.2, Larina O.M.2,

Serova N.S.1, Korobkin A.S.2


1 - Sechenov University.

2 - The National Medical Research Center for Otorhinolaryngology of the FMBA of Russia. Moscow, Russia.



Purpose. To show the possibilities of diagnostic methods (magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)) and com-puter tomography (CT)) in cholesteatoma detection and follow-up of the rare case of the bilateral cho-lesteatoma.

Material and methods. A clinical observation of a patient R., 33 years old, with complaints of a bi-lateral earache, bilateral hearing loss and dizziness is presented. After examination by an ENT doctor, cholesteatoma on the right was suggested, and the patient was referred to the radiology department for magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) of the temporal bones.

Results. An MRI was performed, in which a hyperintense signal was detected in the non-EPI DWI mode on both sides. The patient was surgically treated, cholesteatomas were removed. A postop-erative MRI and CT scan was performed to control of the operation volume and clarify the state of the bone structures. The diagnosis was verified by histological examination of the surgical material.

Discussion. Cholesteatoma is a middle ear mass that occurs on the background of prolonged otitis media. The "gold standard" of diagnostics is the detection of destruction of the auditory ossicles on CT. MRI in the non-EPI DWI mode allows to identify the signs characteristic of this pathology at an early stage.

Conclusion. MRI in the non-EPI DWI mode, as well as CT, during the examination of the ponto-cerebellar angle (CPA) in patients with cholesteatoma, allows obtaining complete diagnostic infor-mation about the location and extent of the lesion, which determines the further tactics of patient management.


Keywords: cholesteatoma, temporal bones, MRI, CT, non-EPI DWI, CPA, diagnostic imaging.



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For citation: Alizada E.E., Bryuhanov V.A., Diab Kh.M., Larina O.M., Serova N.S., Korobkin A.S. Ra-diology of a rare case of bilateral acquired cholesteatoma. REJR 2023; 13(1):111-117. DOI: 10.21569/2222-7415-2023-13-1-111-117.


Received: 15.01.23

Accepted: 22.02.23