Huseynova L.S.1,2, Livshits M.V.2, Voronov D.O.2, Bakhtiozin R.F.1


1- I.M. Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University (Sechenov University).

2 - Moscow City Oncological Hospital № 62. Moscow, Russia.


urpose. Demonstration of the possibilities of radiology methods in the detection of a rare distant metastasis of hepatocellular carcinoma into the scapula and the choice of treatment tactics.

Materials and Methods. The clinical case of hepatocellular carcinoma with metastasis to the left scapula in a patient G., aged 65, is presented.  Complex radiological diagnostics (multispiral computed tomography (MSCT), magnetic  resonance  imaging (MRI),  abdominal  ultrasound,  radiog-


raphy of the scapula) and biopsy of the liver and left scapula under ultrasound control were performed.

Results. Based on the results of radiological diagnostic methods, a metastatic focus was diagnosed in a patient with hepatocellular carcinoma in the region of the lower angle of the left scapula. The diagnosis was verified by histological examination of the biopsy material.

Discussion. Hepatocellular carcinoma metastases most often affect the bones that form the human axial skeleton, so the most common sites of skeletal involvement are, in descending order, the vertebrae, pelvis, ribs, skull, humerus, and sternum. Metastases of hepatocellular carcinoma to the scapula are extremely rare. The presence of bone metastases indicates advanced hepatocellular carcinoma, for which systemic therapy is the standard treatment.

Conclusion. The presented clinical observation demonstrates the importance of conducting studies using radiology methods in patients with a high risk of developing hepatocellular carcinoma for the timely diagnosis of this tumor and distant metastases in order to conduct timely radical treatment.


Keywords: hepatocellular cancer, bone metastases, radiology, diagnostics.


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For citation: Huseynova L.S., Livshits M.V., Voronov D.O., Bakhtiozin R.F. Scapula single metastasis from hepatocellular carcinoma. REJR 2023; 13(3):179-186. DOI: 10.21569/2222-7415-2023-13-3-179-186.

Received:        04.08.23 Accepted:       11.09.23