Pavlova O.Yu.1, Serova N.S.1, Davydov D.V.2, Gridasova I.S.1


1 – Sechenov University.

2 - Moscow Scientific and Research Oncological Institute. Moscow, Russia.


urpose. To improve the multispiral computed tomography (MSCT) protocol in patients after globe endoprosthesis.

Materials and methods. For 2019-2023 years 26 patients (100%), 18-65 y.o., men (11)/women (15) were admitted to Sechenov University for examination and postoperative monitoring for implantation of a globe endoprosthesis.

At the radiology department No. 2, in University Clinical Hospital No. 1, Sechenov University, patients underwent MSCT of the orbits using a CANON Aquillion 640 device to evaluate the endoprosthesis and analyze postoperative changes. The study was complemented by multiplanar and 3D reconstructions on a Vitrea workstation.

Results. All patients (n=26; 100%) underwent reconstructive surgery with the installation of a globe endoprosthesis and the formation of an optimal supporting-motor tump based on preoperative planning according to MSCT data. In 8 patients (30%) the endoprosthesis was installed after globe enucleation, in 18 (70%) – after globe evisceration. When analyzing CT data, a description protocol and criteria for assessing the effectiveness of globe replacement were formed.

Conclusion. MSCT is the optimal method for analyzing the patient’s condition after globe replacement. The protocol for CT data analysis should include the presented criteria for describing the endoprosthesis, the supporting-motor stump and their relationship with the external cosmetic prosthesis, as well as an analysis of the state of the orbital structures to provide the surgeon with complete information about the patient in the postoperative period.


Keywords: MSCT, globe endoprosthetics, radiology, orbit, supporting-motor stump.


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For citation: Pavlova O.Yu., Serova N.S., Davydov D.V., Gridasova I.S. MSCT protocol in adult patients after globe endoprosthetics. REJR 2023; 13(4):26-35. DOI: 10.21569/2222-7415-2023-13-4-26-35.

Received:        15.09.23 Accepted:       30.10.23