Aksenova S.P., Ivannikov M.E., Nudnov N.V.


Russian Scientific Center of Roentgenoradiology. Moscow, Russia.


urpose. To showcase a clinical instance of squamous cell carcinoma identified within a bladder diverticulum and to review other similar cases in the literature.

Materials and methods. An 83-year-old patient with a diagnosis of bladder cancer, localized in a large diverticulum of the lateral wall of the bladder. Diagnosis of the disease was carried out by instrumental (cystoscopy), radiation (multiparametric MRI) and pathomorphological methods. The patient was followed up for 1 year.

Results. In the presented case, a solid mass was found in the right pelvic cellular tissue on MRI examination. Cystoscopy was uninformative and only a subsequent transvaginal biopsy confirmed the presence of squamous cell carcinoma. After selective chemoembolization, MRI showed positive dynamics of tumor volume regression, revealing the lumen of the diverticulum in whose wall this neoplasm was localized. MRI examination after 6 months showed negative dynamics and increase of tumor size.

Discussion. This case is of particular interest in terms of the differential diagnosis of pelvic neoplasms. The final diagnosis was complicated by necrosis of the intracavitary tumor component and lack of visualization of the lumen of the diverticulum. Such cases of a combination of squamous cell carcinoma with localization in the diverticulum are extremely rare and are described in the literature only as isolated clinical observations.

Conclusion. The rare localization of the tumor in the diverticulum of the bladder, which mimics an extra-organ formation of the small pelvis, made it difficult to diagnose and timely start treatment. Despite the selective chemoembolization of the bladder tumor, the large volume of the tumor and the age of the patient did not allow achieving remission of the disease. At the same time, this clinical observation shows that multiparametric MRI is the method of choice in the diagnosis of pelvic tumors.


Keywords: case report, intradiverticular bladder tumors, carcinoma, squamous cell, urinary bladder neoplasms, diverticulum.


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For citation: Aksenova S.P., Ivannikov M.E., Nudnov N.V. Squamous cell carcinoma in urinary bladder diverticulum. REJR 2023; 13(4):120-132. DOI: 10.21569/2222-7415-2023-13-4-120-132.

Received:        11.09.23 Accepted:       30.10.23