Arzhantsev A.P.

Central Research Institute of Dentistry and Oral Surgery.

Moscow, Russia


Osteodysplasia often occurs in the facial bones and has a variety of X-ray symptoms. A similar X-ray picture of osteodysplasia and other face bones diseases and insufficient knowledge about the x-ray semeiotics lead to diagnostic errors.

Displastic lesions usually characterized as unilateral monostotic or polyostotic fibrous osteodysplasia and osteosementic dysplasia as well as three forms of dysplasia: pseudocystic, pseudosclerotic and mixed. Bilateral dysplasia of the facial bones occurs relatively rare. For the correct interpretation of the X-ray images there should be careful examination of clinical research and medical history.

Common radiographic techniques such as panoramic zonography of the different parts of the facial skeleton and skull teleroentgenography managed to reveal this pathology and form an opinion about its localization. For objectification of the results, including the examination of the spatial lesion position, it is helpful to perform computed tomography of the facial bones.


Keywords: dysplasia, facial bones, orthopantomography, computed tomography.


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For citation: Arzhantsev A.P. X-ray diagnostics of the facial bones dysplasia (lecture). REJR. 2016; 6 (1): 18-28. doi: 10.18411/a-2016-002