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Zubarev A.R., Krivosheeva N.V., Rychkova I.V., Demidova A.K., Nikolskiy S.E.

Purpose. The aim of this study was to analyze physical basis and assess opportunities and advantages of new ultrasound technologies: quantitative assessment of acoustic structures (Acoustic Structure Quantification, ASQ), ultrasound elastography (USE), mapping of microvascular bedflow with high spatial and temporal resolution (Superb Microvascular Imaging, SMI) in evaluation of patients with venous thrombosis of lower extremities.

N.I. Pirogov Russian National Research

Medical University.

Moscow, Russian.


Materials and methods. The study involved 72 patients (41 men - 56,9% and 31 women – 43,1%) aged 42-85 with venous thrombosis of lower extremities (144 lower extremities). All patients had undergone standard ultrasound investigation including B-mode, color duplex or power doppler imaging modes. In addition to standard modes we used new ultrasound technologies announced by Toshiba Medical Systems and listed among options in ultrasound system Aplio™ 500.

Results. We assessed condition of main veins of lower extremities, including revealing of thrombotic changes and estimation of the spreading level and composition of thrombotic masses. During dynamic follow-up signs of the initial stages of recanalization were revealed and comparison of thrombolysis process intensity with further follow-up studies was performed. A significant advantage of new technologies in comparison with a standard ultrasound examination was established.

Conclusions. Acoustic Structures Quantification, ultrasound elastography and Superb Microvascular Imaging of Toshiba Medical Systems can be effectively used for examining patients with venous thrombosis in the system of inferior vena cava. Taking into consideration the fact that these technologies are highly informative, not time consuming and simple in everyday use they can be recommended to be included into standard ultrasound investigation for precise assessment of revealed abnormalities.

Keywords: ASQ, ultrasound elastography, SMI, AplioAplio™ 500 of Toshiba Medical Systems, venous blood flow, microvascular bed, thrombotic masses, venous thrombosis, recanalization processes.



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For citation: Zubarev A.R., Krivosheeva N.V., Rychkova I.V., Demidova A.K., Nikolskiy S.E. Recent diagnostic opportunities in ultrasound diagnostics of lower extremities deep veins thrombosis. REJR. 2016; 6 (2):44-53. DOI:10.21569/2222-7415-2016-6-2-44-53.

Received: 17.02.2016 Accepted: 29.02.2016