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Dear friends, colleagues!

The final 4th issue of our journal in 2016 year is presented to you! This year is almost over… It was a complicated year of our medical life. There were difficulties as well as important accomplishments! Two-year impact factor of our journal in Russian Science Citation Index has reached 0,358 points. This is a very good marker. We hope, that with your help, our dear readers, with your comments and wishes we will improve the key criteria of our journal.


Chief editor, Professor, MD Ternovoy S.K.

In this issue (Volume 6 No.4 2016) of our paper:


The role of modern methods in early metastases diagnosis in patients with uveal melanoma
Avakyan K.V., Saakyan S.V., Amiryan A.G., Aslanidi I.P., Mukhortova O.V.

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Complex diagnostics of early choroidal melanoma
Myakoshina E.B.
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The experience of using brachytherapy in anterior uveal melanoma (long-term follow up results)
Amiryan A.G., Saakyan S.V., Valskiy V.V., Mironova I.S., Zaharova G.P.

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Functional multislice computed tomography in the diagnosis of cervical spine vertebral-motor segment instability
Ternovoy S.K., Serova N.S., Abramov A.S., Ternovoy K.S.

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The diagnostic value of ct characteristics of hepatocellular Carcinoma nodes depending on its size
Tumanova U.N., Karmazanovskiy G.G., Yashina N.I., Shhegolev A.I.

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CT diagnostics of tumor invasion depth of colon cancer: errors’ analysis in ct diagnostics of t category
Beketova O.G., Silanteva N.K., Mozerov S.A., Novikov N.Yu.

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Diffusion weighted magnetic resonance imaging in ovarian cancer neoadjuvant chemotherapy response evaluation
Solopova A.E., Ternovoy S.K., Makatsaria A.D., Gurov S.N.
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Sonographic morphology of urinary bladder in children with ureterohydronephrosis
Akilov Kh.A., Khakkulov E.B., Payziev H.M.

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New ultrasound modes usage in the detection of complex pathology of arterial and venous levels of lower extremities among patients with diabetes type 2
Zubarev A.R., Krivosheeva N.V.

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Multidetector computed tomography in endovascular and hybrid operations planning in patients with abdominal aortic aneurysms
Smirnova E.K., Ternovoy S.K., Fedotenkov I.S., Lepilin P.M., Imaev T.E., Komlev A.E.

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Radiology of focal lung diseases
Alexandrova K.A., Serova N.S.

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The clinical value of modic changes on MRI in treatment of patients with degenerative disc disease

Nikitin A.S., Kemezh Y.V.
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Mr application in gynecological malignancies: ovarian lesions
Professor Bijan Bijan

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Transformation of an osteoid osteoma of t2 vertebra into an osteoblastoma after radiofrequency ablation – a rare occurrence - a case report and literature review
Shah A., Marshall T., Anwar H., Butt S.
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Chronic osteomyelitis of the maxilla in a patient with the albers-schoenberg disease. (clinical and radiological description).
Medvedev Yu.A., Basin, E.M., Serova N.S., Prokhorskaya D.A., Babkova A. A.
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Pringle-Bourneville disease. Radiology case report in a pregnant woman
Mullahmetova O.A., Zykov S.Y., Trushnikova R.V.
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