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Dear friends, colleagues!

We present you the second issue of our journal within 2017 year (Vol. 7. № 2. 2017).  As you can see, this issue has 14 original articles, 7 clinical cases, literature review and a master-class. The Journal increases the number of published articles but the quality of them remains excellent – that is the advantage of modern electronic journal...


Chief editor, Professor, MD Ternovoy S.K.

In this issue (Volume 7 No.2 2017) of our paper:



Lacrimal gland carcinoma: efficancy of combined treatment and prognoses.
Saakyan S.V., Amiryan A.G., Valskiy V.V., Mironova I.S., Maybogin A.M.

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Comparative analysis of synthetic and xenogeneic osteoplastic materials application for augmentation of the alveolar process / part of the jaws before dental implantation according to the radiology methods.
Tarasenko S.V., Serova N.S., Ershova A.M.

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Diagnostic value of brain computed tomography perfusion in carotid occlusive diseaserejr.
Vishnyakova M.V., Pronin I.N., Larkov R.N., Vishnyakova M.V.

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The benefit of transradial approach for bronchial artery embolization.
Khayrutdinov E.R. Zharikov S.B., Arablinskiy A.V., E.A.
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Contrast-enhanced mri of the heart in detection and quantifica-tion of borderline myocardial damage within hypertrophic cardiomyopathy.
Mochula O.V., Tereshenkova E.K., Pavljukova E.N., Ussov W.Yu.

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The method for correction of motion artefacts to improve myocardial perfusion imaging.
Zavadovsky K.V., Mishkina A.I., Mochula A.V., Lishmanov Yu.B.

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Rychkova I.V. Data evaluation comparison of clinical ultrasound examination and magnetic resonance imaging results among older age group patients with arterial hypertension.
Zubarev A.R., Krivosheeva N.V., Tarasenko T.D., Lazebny V.V., Rychkova I.V.

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Mammographic and echographic changes after breast surgery performed for benign lesions.
Busygina О.V., Bakhtiozin R.F., Pasynkov D.V., Kliouchkin I.V.

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Use of ultrasound study to assess the early consolidation of metatarsal bone distraction regenerate in patients with brahimetatarziya.
Menschikova T.I., Neretin A.S.
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Ultrasonic features of acute osteomyelitis in infants.
Zavadovskaya V.D., Polkovnikova S.A., Maslikov V.M.

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Use of telemedical technology for expert evaluation of x-ray quality of bone-joint system in conditions of remote areas.
Smal T.S., Zavadovskaya V.D., Deyev I.A.

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Checklist of patients undergoing ct at the radiology department cmsu-71 ozersk.
Lebedev N.I., Osipov M.V, Babintseva N.A, Sinyak E.V., Fomin E.P.

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Automatic methods of contours and volumes determination of zones of interest in mri images.
Kiryakova T.N., Marusina M.Ya., Fedchenkov P.V.

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The efficiency of radiation diagnostic studies for pancreatic tu-mors
Karmazanovsky G.G., Pletneva V.Yu., Kashtanova N. Yu.

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Modern opportunities of radionuclide methods for diagnosis of inflammatory processes in the myocardium.
Sazonova S.I., Ilyushenkova Yu.N., Lishmanov Yu.B.

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Imaging evaluation of neck masses
Professor Sarita Magu

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Granulomatous prostatitis mimicking prostate cancer on magnetic resonance imaging: report of two cases.
Andreas G. Wibmer, Hebert Alberto Vargas, Hedvig Hricak.

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Vesico-vaginal reflux.
Harmeet S. Dhillon, Serova N.S.

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The complex portal and biliary developmental anomaly: right-sided round ligament and false left-sided gallbladder.
Lapteva M.G., Sergeeva O.N., Kukushkin A.V., Zhadko V.A., Shorikov M.A., Frantsev D.Yu., Polyakov A.N., Moroz E.A., Karp O.N., Panov V.O., Dolgushin B.I.
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Hepatic abscess as a rare complication of the urolithiasis.
Krotov G.O., Makhovskaya E.A., Ivlev S.B., Makhovskiy D.A.
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Radiology diagnostic of foreign body in pulmonary artery.
Shchekoturov I.O., Bahtiozin R.F., Puzakov K.B., Rzaev R.T., Shchegelsky V.V.

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The usage of out patient contrast-enhanced echocardiography for definition and severity as-sessment of postinfarction left ventricular aneurism.
Bukhovets I.L., Maksimova A.S., Mikheev S.L., Kozlov B.N., Usov V.Yu.
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VACTERL association of newborn: postmortem ct and mri imaging for autopsy.
Tumanova U.N., Lyapin V.M., Burov A.A., Podurovskaya Yu. L., Zaretskaya N.V., Bychenko V.G., Kozlova A.V., Shchegolev A.I.
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Zubarev Andrey Ruslanovich.


IX All-Russian scientific and educational forum with the international participation Medical diagnostics – 2017

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