Rainer Rienmüller

Rainer Rienmüller

Clinical Professor of Radiology, Weill College, Cornell University, San Francisco, USA
Ordinarius for Radiology; Head of the Department of General Diagnostic Radiology of the Medical University Graz, Austria;
Study of Medicine and Training in Radiology (University of Munich/Germany);

Main clinical interest:
- non-invasive evaluation of cardiac disease by CT, MSCT, DSCT and MR.
- Integration of these methods in clinical work up.

Main scientific interest:
Coronary heart disease and the cybernetic of myocardial perfusion
Pericardial, especially constrictive pericardial diseases.

Educational activities:
- Founder and 1st President of the European Society of Cardiac Radiology
- Organizer of Tutorials for East European Radiologists on behalf of ESR for a period of 18
years, since 1992
- External Member of the Doctoral Study Programme Council of Radiology at Masarykova
University Brno/Czech Republic
- Visiting Professor of Medical University Prague (Czech Rep.)
- Visiting Professor of Medical University Brno (Czech Rep.)
- Visiting Professor of Medical University Jacksonville/Florida (USA)
- Founder of Interdisciplinary Cardiac Imaging Centre (IC²) Graz
- Chief Adviser of Minister of Labour, Health and Social Affairs of Republic of Georgia
- Co-director of Cardiac Imaging Seminars of the Open Medical Institute Salzburg / Austria

Member of:
- German Radiological Society,
- Austrian Radiological Society,
- Bavarian Radiological Society,
- Styrian Medical Society,
- Society of Thoracic Radiology (USA),
- Society of German University Teachers,
- European Society of Thoracic Radiology,
- Radiological Society of North America (USA),
- Biomedical Technique Society (Germany),
- German Polish Radiological Society
- European Society of Cardiology,
- North American Society of Cardiac Imaging,
- European Congress of Radiology,
- Association of University Radiologists in Europe,
- European Society for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine and Biology
- European Society of Cardiac Radiology,
- Honorary member of more than 20 radiological national societies,
- Foreign Member of the Russian Academy of Medical Science,
- Foreign Member of the “Royal Society of Sciences at Uppsala in its Class for Natural History and Medicine”
- Foreign Member of the Georgian Academy of Science


1984 W.C. Radiology Medal of the German Radiological Society
2000   Honorary medal of Republic Kazakhstan because of care about the health of the
People in Kazakhstan
2003 Medal of Honour of the Republic of Georgia handed over by President Eduard
2005 Boris Rajewsky Medal of the European Congress of Radiology
2000 Honorary Professor for Postgraduate Medical Education of the
University of Tiflis/Georgia
2008    Honorary professor of the “Russian Research Center for Radiology and Surgical
Technologies” SF Petersburg/Russia
2009    Honorary professor of the “Samarkand State Medical University”
2001 Doctor med. honoris causa of the Medical Academy of Wroclaw/ Poland
2003 Doctor med. honoris causa of the Belarusian State Medical University Minsk
2005   Foreign Member of the “Russian Academy of Medical Science”
2009   Foreign Member of the “Royal Society of Sciences at Uppsala in its Class for Natural
History and Medicine”

Reviewer for:
- Radiology
- Radiographics
- European Journal of Radiology
- British Journal of Radiology
- European Journal of Cardio-Thoracic Surgery

Co-editor for:
- Georgian Journal of Radiology
- Bulgarian Journal of Radiology
- Medical Visualisation - Russian Journal of Radiology
- Czech Journal of Radiology
- Slovak Journal of Radiology

Scientific activities:
- Number of publications: > 120
- Number of presentations: > 1000
- Number of abstracts: > 400
- Supervision of medical theses: 12
- Supervision of Diploma theses: 3

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