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Letter From the Editor

Терновой Сергей Константинович

Dear friends, colleagues!

2020 is coming!

Our journal is opening 10th year of its life!

There are some changes in our legal status – corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Professor Natalia Serova and Sechenov University became co-founders of the journal in 2019. I am sure that these changes will benefit the journal and our readers.

As before, we are actively working to improve the quality of our journal. The number of publications that are published in one issue has reached the practical limit of 30-31 articles. We will not increase the volume of published material, so as not to reduce the quality of published articles.

We try to ensure that authors do not wait for the publication of their scientific works for a very long time. And we do everything possible for this. In 2019, we published more than 110 scientific articles. I am sure you can see that the increase in the number of publications does not reduce our strict requirements for the quality of the material! The system of "antiplagiat" and double "blind" review help us to be objective in the selection of articles.

Our journal is included in several systems of citation (RSCI, the RSCI, CrossRef, Scopus). Currently, the journal occupies the top line of the RSCI rating among specialized journals (in 2018, the two-year index when citing from all sources was – 0,521, and the five-year index – 0,442)

Kind regards

Chief editor

Sergey Ternovoy


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