Шехтер Анатолий Ильич

Dear colleagues!
Was published the second issue of a special electronic x-ray journal! Consider this fact as a continuation of an important event in the professional life of all domestic and international diagnostic community – start of publication of the first Russian electronic journal of radiology (REJR,
The second issue of the informative publication, no matter how it is submitted, in digital (electronic) or paper format, is always a significant stage in the "informational life" of the team of any publisher. The second issue, as a rule, fully confirms the "spirit" and "letter" of the new information tools. In addition, it expresses the basic concept and style of the publication, reflects the priority views and opinions of the chief editor, editorial Board and editorial Council.
It should also be borne in mind that in modern conditions this is a specialized medical electronic magazine that covers all areas of radiology and all forms of specific knowledge reflection (information about congresses and symposia, anniversaries, master-classes and lectures, original articles and reviews, case studies). Therefore, the publication of such a journal is an important event in social and professional lives, primarily, of the domestic diagnostic community.
I especially appreciate that the electronic journal is a fast way to share the information, which provides transfer of various information on-line.
By that obvious fact, it is appropriate to recall the saying of the philosopher of Montaigne: "Truth and the arguments belong to everyone; they are not more the achievements of those who expressed them for the first time than those who made or confirmed them later".
And, another: "People must believe that the incomprehensible can be understood, otherwise he wouldn't have to think about it" (Goethe).
I think that the quoted statements are not indirect, but direct relevance to the readers of the new professional journal. Genuine radiographers and x-ray diagnosticians distinguish by their desire for knowledge of new facts, the ability to thinking and comprehension of "misunderstood".
In connection with the release of the second issue of the electronic journal, we wish him good "virtual path", and all its readers professional success and good health!

Deputy chief editor, Professor,
A. I. Shekhter
May 10, 2011

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